Delba Stone Sylvain Merlin | Manager


  • Any kind of stone
  • Restoration and cleaning
  • Custom elements
  • Any dimension

Landscape gardeners, architects, construction companies, piscinists, wine merchants, wineries, gîtes, urban planners, town halls :

We are able to provide any kind of stone, granit, quartz and ceramic. We can meet your needs for the supply of indoor or outdoor paving, road, foutain, wall cladding, cobbles, pool edges…

Regarding roads, we study all requests resulting from calls for tenders, public contracts. We can provide conventional paving of any thickness or more complex custom-made elements with rabbets, rounded edges, or with flow systems, gutters (CC1, CC2, CS1, CS2), structuring strips, slabs of crowning, borders (A2, T2, P1), guard stone, as well as all kind of cobblestone, in all dimensions and thicknesses.

The Manager

Sylvain Merlin

Sylvain Merlin - Advice, sales, technical

Stone is a product he discovered with stonemasons with whom he spends time to understand the craft and the material. Industrialization and manufacturing processes fascinate him.

Recruited as production manager in the factory Delbano, well known of Limouxin basin, he will be fired as all employees when it closes its doors.

It is then that a new adventure begins with the continuation of the activity exerted by the establishments Delbano but in a different form. Delba Stone is born.


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